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Board Members

The Romney Marshes Internal Drainage Board has 43 Board Members, who all give their time to the Board voluntarily.

Elected Members

There are 21 Members elected by the agricultural ratepayers in accordance with Part I Schedule 1 of the Land Drainage Act 1991. They may be either owners or occupiers of land in the district or nominated by the owner / occupier of the land in the district. The breakdown of elected Members within the District is shown below:-

District No. of elected Members
Romney 6
Walland 6
Denge 2
Rother 4
Pett 3
Total: 21

Appointed Members

There are 22 Board Members appointed by the charging authorities within the district in accordance with Part II Schedule 1 of the Land Drainage Act 1991. They may be elected councillors, officers or others who have an interest, such as conservation or business in the district. The breakdown of appointed Members is shown below:-

Charging Authority % of Total Special Levy No. of Appointed Members
Ashford Borough Council 1.843 1
Rother District Council 21.046 7
Folkestone & Hythe District Council 77.111 14
Total   22

A full list of our Board Members is below:-

Elected Members:

Romney Marsh District

Mr P Boulden 

Mr A Clifton-Holt                        

Mr D J Cole                            

Mr D Furnival                         

Mrs H V Langrish                   

Mr J Langrish                                      

Walland Marsh District

Mr C Apps                              

Mr S Body                          

Mr F A Cooke                              

Mr C Furnival 

Mr A Wellsted                         

Mr S Wright                           

Denge & Southbrooks District

Mr D Thompson                     

Mr M Wrout 

Rother District

Mr A M Clifton                       

Mr E Lovejoy                  

Mr T S Piper                

Mr C Ramus          

Pett District

Mr E Langrish                     

Mr D Wheeler

Mr L M Cooke (Vice-Chairman)      

Council Appointed Members:

Ashford Borough Council

Cllr Mrs A Hicks     

Rother District Council

Cllr Mrs C Creaser

Mr C Hoggart

Mr D Lovejoy  (Chairman)

Cllr A Mier

Mr I D Oliver

Cllr P N Osborne                    

Cllr Mrs S M Prochak                         

Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Cllr G Allison                          

Mr H Bates                             

Mr C J Body                            

Cllr P Coe                               

Mr A Cragg

Cllr Mrs J Hiscock

Cllr Mrs K Rye

Cllr C Goddard

Cllr A R J Hills

Cllr S Scoffham

Mrs C Solly                 

Cllr D Wimble

2 vacant positions                        




For further information on the structure and work of internal drainage boards, please visit: www.ada.org.uk